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Vaccines, Concertized


There’s no better way to welcome the public back than with a memorably-branded concert experience at a vaccination site.

Concertize puts your brand center-stage during a life-changing moment for customers.

Your Brand Here

How it Works

We contract world-class musicians and send them out with branded materials including:


  • A stylish co-branded t-shirt for each musician to wear during the performance

  • A 36x24’’ sign featuring your brand, up to 2 short messages, and a large QR code that directs to your chosen webpages


Concertize connects with the facility and fully produces the performance during a high-volume vaccination day.

We handle everything needed including:

  • Coordination with clinics and facilities

  • Contracting of top musicians

  • Production of event/performance

  • Creation and distribution of promotional materials

Music: The Ultimate Salve

The waiting period before and immediately following vaccination is full of emotions, ranging from elation to anxiety

Whether you're relieved or nervous, being vaccinated against Covid-19 is a major life event, and in such significant moments, we are most in tune with our senses.


In moments like these, your brand should be there too, accompanying a comforting and inspiring live soundtrack that underscores the significance of the moment.

IMG_3286 (1).JPG

Your Brand, Where it Counts

According to a 2012 study published in The Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, classical music significantly decreases anxiety in patients who undergo injections.

We put your brand front and center alongside talented musicians, whose masterfully-performed music soothes and distracts even the most needle-phobic vaccinees.

Nurses love us too!


Not only do healthcare professionals appreciate calmer patients, but filling medical workplaces with beautiful live music is a great way to show your support for healthcare workers!

Take a Jab

Take a jab at it!

For pricing, or to learn more about this powerful branding opportunity, please email

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