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Custom Music

At the heart of our custom music services, Concertize's expert producers and arrangers fuse contrasting genres into symphonies that resonate with energy and soul. From reimagining a Skrillex track with the elegance of a string quartet to transforming Beyonce's hits into grandiose concertos, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Our modular approach to musical arranging means we fine-tune every piece to align perfectly with your project's theme and atmosphere. Whether for a high-impact commercial or a captivating concert hall performance, our arrangements are as adaptable as they are compelling.


This versatility allows us to break musical boundaries in record time, nimbly catering to varied audiences and uses, and inviting everyone to the powerful experience of engaging music at the highest level. Plus, we have an exceptional roster of musicians ready to bring these bespoke creations to life, each a master in their craft.

Dragon Ball, Denver, Dua Lipa, Dubstep - We Aint Playin'.

Designed for elite musicians, our arrangements go far beyond the ordinary, providing a stimulating experience for the performers and an enthralling one for audiences.


Have a look at a few of hundreds of original arrangements, custom crafted to make each performance into a memorable journey that resonates on a deep personal level for performers and audiences alike.

Commision Something New or License Something We Made

When it comes to making something special, you have options when working with us. Our team of arrangers and composers can skillfully craft to your specifications. Alternatively, we offer bespoke licensing of our entire catalogue.

Want to learn more or see our full catalogue?

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